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Galaxy Cant Stop Tote

Galaxy Cant Stop Tote

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Step into a world of celestial beauty with our Galaxy Tote Collection! Crafted from durable, semi-transparent PVC material, each tote dazzles with its color-shifting effect, ranging from enchanting gold to mesmerizing blue, purple, pink, and green hues. Perfect for gifting or treating yourself, these totes make a statement before they're even opened. 

Ideal for holding our premium drinkware, clothing, and more, they're versatile companions for any occasion, whether it's a day by the pool, a beach outing, or holiday gift-giving. Elevate your shopping experience with our Galaxy Tote Collection today.

One side of the tote adorns the You Can't Stop Me Branding and the other side adorns the Radiate Kindness branding.

Iridescent Reflection Color
Semi-transparent PVC material
Size:18 3/4" W x 14" H x 5" D

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