We are proud to allocate a percentage of our proceeds to support several meaningful causes, including aiding victims of domestic abuse, funding childhood cancer research, assisting the homeless population, and advocating for neglected and abandoned animals.

Where it all began...

The inspiration came to me during a very stressful time in my life. There I was sitting in a chair in the middle of a hair salon, when a divine presence seemed to envelop me, sending shivers down my spine. As my heart skipped a beat, I heard my soul gently whispering three encouraging words, ”FAITH, HOPE, LOVE”… it was a Godly experience. It kept repeating in my mind, and that’s when my heart knew I was supposed to find a way to share the message. An example of the Divine’s persistence and handiwork pervading a ritualized existence, you might say. When I asked how, and it hit me… I would do so by designing one-of-a-kind bottles that were to be both embossed and debased with the words: FAITH, HOPE, LOVE. It was crystal clear in that moment, and so it began.

Then the pandemic hit and the world more than ever needed exactly the words I had been given, FAITH, HOPE, LOVE. Riddled with anxiety and depression, like many others, I found myself internalizing the struggle. We all needed encouragement amidst the uncertainty and despair that had reached an all time high within a generation. That’s when the mantra truly become my mission. I felt so blessed to be able to elevate the souls across the globe using three caring words.

My hope is these bottles will remind us all to have FAITH, to never give up HOPE and show LOVE at every opportunity. Each time you sip from one of our bottles when you are out and about, you share the message without ever even saying a word. The double blessing is in the process; you are giving back. When you choose to purchase the FATIH, HOPE, LOVE bottle collection, or any of our products offered on this site, a portion of the proceeds go to helping others in need. Please see our passion project outreach page to read more.

God was with me that day and knew that these precious words could elevate people everywhere in a very simple way, every single day. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Molor Designs Founder

News and Events

Faith | Hope | Love at the ADS Market in Las Vegas Convention Center - August 20-23 2023

Faith | Hope | Love

A portion of the proceeds are also donated to domestic violence victims children with cancer and abused animals

I came up with these bottles for all of us! To feel refreshed, excited, and to provide encouragement. I invite you to embark on our journey!

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Giving Back

We truly enjoy helping our community any way we can. Periodically, we will feature some of our personal stories with you. Enjoy!


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