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Enjoy our love inspired gifts.

Faith Hope Love | Affirmation Bottles & Products for the mind, body & soul - by Molor.

  • Faith

    Our affirmation bottles arose in the midst of the pandemic. These 'message on a bottles' embody worldwide positivity & healing light for all.

  • Hope

    Our mission is beyond making just incredible bottles & products. We want to spread the words of positivity in a clever, unique & fun way.

  • Love

    Every affirmation bottle purchase results in a donation to individuals, foundations & animals that may be in need.

The Affirmation Bottles

Our flagship product, the Faith Hope Love Affirmation Bottle Gift set is the perfect way to spread love, positivity, happiness and joy to the world.

Uniquely crafted with a roll-free design & perfectly safe for our environment.

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Faith Hope Love

Our core message revolves around love, and we act upon it by allocating a portion of our earnings to support those in need. This includes aiding organizations dedicated to helping abuse victims, funding childhood cancer research, providing assistance to the homeless, and advocating for distressed domestic animals.