My Story

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share a quick blessing about me.

During a stressful & painful time in my life a moment of inspiration struck upon me. Spread the powerful word triad "Faith, Hope, Love - to everyone in the world".

But how? I wanted to give back in a unique, creative & special way.

Then the concept sprang to mind - 'the message vessel'. This thought was a spot-on for sharing the inspiring words.

Help me spread the message. Let these affirmation bottles be your reminder to hold onto faith, never give up hope, and show love when you can.

Molor is Faith, Hope & Love.

- Love Nikki

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  • Faith

    Our affirmation bottles arose in the midst of the pandemic. These 'message on a bottles' embody worldwide positivity & healing light for all.

  • Hope

    Our mission is beyond making just incredible bottles & products. We want to spread the words of positivity in a clever, unique & fun way.

  • Love

    Every affirmation bottle purchase results in a donation to individuals, foundations & animals that may be in need.