Giving Back

Sharing Our Personal Stories

Feeding the Homeless on the Street

This was at 6:30pm. I try to feed the homeless every other night whether rain or shine, or sleet or snow. I don’t judge or criticize the reality of those less fortunate- I just feed people. That attitude over the past years has produced tremendous returns for myself and the people I serve…

Featured Friends on the Street

We truly enjoy helping our community any way we can. Periodically, we will feature some of our personal stories of how we love to give back.

We begin with Robert. I call him Blue Eyes. This is a little of what we enjoy doing for people. We have infused the love in our hearts into Robert and his smile is worth millions! We helped Blue Eyes with a shower, clean clothes and a hot meal! We believe that it’s the little things that have the largest impact in life! Thank you for reading.